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Why use vintage frames ?
Because I believe in the spirit of old things and I want to give a second life to beautiful vintage bicycles. I also like to give a new life to a bicycle that brings back memories of a father, mother, grandfather or grandmother.

How about the size of the frame I order ?
Beyond the issue of the style and of the global design of the bicycle, I will choose for you the best vintage frame that fit your size. For a perfect fitting, you can give me the results of a postural study you previously made or tell me the size of a bicycle you like to ride. And of course you can give me your old personal frame to have a new one customised by Lelapin.

What if I want an option that is not in your list ?
There is no « list » of options, my aim being to satisfy all your dreams. Colours, materials, accessories, customizing, anything is possible … If you want a very special thing, don’t hesitate to tell me, I can make it for you !

Which color can I get my frame painted in ?
You can imagine the colour of your choice with no restrictions. I also offer different types of finishes such as Electroplating, Bi-Chromating, Chrome, varnish, tinted varnish, … But one color or finish will be used only once for one bicycle.

How can i order a Lelapin bicycle ?
If you fall in love with a model on sale in the gallery, you can order your bicycle directly on our website. Alternatively, if you fancy something different, simply send me an email to discuss your project. Together, we will be able to build your unique custom bicycle based on a vintage quality frame.

I do not live in France, or even in Europe. Can I still order a bicycle from Lelapin ?
Yes, I ship worldwide. I will carefully pack your bicycle in a special made to measure box and ship it to you. Shipping will be insured and tracked.

Once I’ve made my deposit, can I modify my project ?
Yes. The deposit is only used to put your name on the waiting list. But due to the few weeks between the reservation and the beginning of the construction of your bicycle, we do have time to discuss your choices and modify them if you want to. But, the deposit is not refundable.

How much does a bicycle made by Lelapin cost ?
Prices start at about 1 500 euros + taxes. The price is function of the work to do, the type of finish (painting, Chrome, …), the custom works you want (engraving, …) and naturally the type of parts and the accessories.

How long does it take to get my bicycle ?
The complete construction can last up to 3 months from the day the first deposit is made. It can be shorter or longer, it depends of the work I have to do on your bicycle. Realising a dream is not a question of time !

What if I cannot pay for the bicycle when it is ready to ship?
If you can’t pay for your bicycle, or if you don’t want to, I allow myself to sell it to another customer who falls in love with it. But in this case, you have to know that your deposit(s) is (are) not refundable.

I own a shop and I would like to propose Lelapin bicycles to my customers. Is it possible ?
My aim is to build unique edition bicycles on demand. So, it would be hard for you to directly propose my creations. But there are many possibilities : you can enter my partner program to become a prescribers of my brand, I can build a unique edition or a special small series of bicycles just for your shop, … just contact me and we will discuss what we can do together.

Can you use my grandfather’s (or my father’s) old bike for a restoration ?
Yes, sure, my first project was my grandfather’s one because it brought back many memories. Just send (or bring) me this bicycle and I can start on your project !

Are there utilisation limits ?
The only restriction is to use your bicycle for what and whom it has been designed for (road, urban, decoration, track, …).

Warranty ?
As my bicycles are handcrafted unique edition, it’s hard to give a global warranty. So there is a different type of warranty for the different parts : old restored parts, new parts and accessories, and frame finish. But be sure I’ll help you if there is a problem.

Can I visit your workshop ?
It’s a bit hard for the moment because I work at my home, but send me an email or give me a call and we will book a time together.

I want a bike for my 6 year old son, a porter or a side car for my dog, a special bicycle for the deliveries of my business, some bicycles for the customers of my hotel, a folding bicycle for my yacht, … is it possible ?
Like I said, whatever you want, I will do everything to make it possible. All start with a good chat, so don’t hesitate to contact me.

Why « Lelapin » ?
Because « Lelapin » – in english « The Rabbit » – is the nickname my friends give me.